What does STOKED mean to you?
To some, “stoked” is surfer lingo. It’s exciting, rad, and cool, right bro?
To surfers, “stoked” is that hard-to-describe feeling of riding a wave. It’s that ear to ear smile you get when you even thinking about surfing. Stoked is disconnecting with the real world for a bit and connecting with the ocean.

For @WarriorSurf, “stoked” is achieving growth and healing with your community, your tribe, and understanding each other’s pain, sacrifices, struggles and passions. Our “Share the Stoke” campaign provides Veteran graduates of WSF with custom shaped boards from local shapers, like Tim Jump of @SeculaSurf. Big thanks to @molo.media for this video recap, and stay tuned for our next Share the Stoke campaign coming this fall! Tag a shaper below that may want to get involved!

For the full video transcript, see below.

  • [Holly] I’ve always had this connection right to the environment and the planet and the ocean. And so for me, I think like when I found this new way to connect to the ocean, it’s like finding a new way to connect with your best friend.
  • [Tim] Surfing a wave is like no other experience. I mean, I feel like, when you have those moments where you click in and everything goes right, you’re in that flow state where you’re not really thinking about everything and it’s just this experience. It’s hard to explain unless you’ve done it.
  • [Chris] It’s cool because I know how important it’s been for me. And so to see that joy in someone else is really rewarding.
  • [Tim] So Mex 1 and Warrior Surf contacted me, approached me about being part of the, share the stoke campaign. So the way it works is I shape the board for Mex 1 to raffle off. And then the proceeds from that helped to pay for that board as well as a board for a Veteran.
  • [Chris] Warrior Surf is a non-profit that focuses on providing surfing therapy as a way to improve the lives both physically and mentally of Veterans and their families or other active duty service members.
  • [Holly] The first day I went out the instructor I was with, Jake he pushed me on my first wave and I popped up and it was a little baby wave and it was nice and smooth and I rode it in and I was like, oh wow. Okay, this is it. Now I get it. I was all in like, from that first, that first wave that first moment on the water like kind of connecting in that way. It just really, I don’t know it just struck up with me.
  • [Tim] I was excited to work with Holly and give her a board that she’d be excited about that she’d be able to use for years to come and also give back to Warrior Surf.
  • [Holly] Once you see the work that’s going on within the program and the people that are coming through and benefiting from this type of surf therapy and the wellness and the yoga, you know, it really becomes obvious that this works and that it’s super important for people from all different walks and services and experiences, to be given this gift and have it not just be a gift but something that was tailored to me is super special. So I feel like that will probably be potentially emotionally overwhelming
  • [Tim] The opportunity to give somebody their first custom board was a really cool opportunity. And this was kind of a no brainer. Thank you to Warrior Surf. Thank you to Mex 1. Thank you, Holly, for letting me build you a board. Thanks to everybody for allowing me to participate in this. This is really cool.
  • [Holly] I just want to thank everybody that’s made this possible. Warrior Surf of course, for you know, starting this whole thing up and, you know being there for us from day one, but also the, you know the partners having Mex 1, you know sponsor this fundraiser in particular, you know, we we were really thankful for that and having Tim of Secula come out and, you know take the time out of his day in his life to make sure that he is getting exactly what you know I want is is really remarkable to see everybody just showing up and making it happen.